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What exactly is Interactive Content anyway?

By interactive content - we mean any content created for the web that performs a specific function on your website. Eg. A web calculator, quiz or assessment or any other web tool/piece of software.

The interactive content we create requires no downloading or installation on your phone. And can be accessed from any device with a browser ie. a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

How does interactive content get me ranked on Google?

Think of your Backlink Authority as being like the class election you had in school. It's Google's version of an online popularity contest. Where the web community votes for your website by linking to it from their websites or blogs.

We build interactive content that people want to link back to from their websites.

Show me an Example Please?

Yes. We've done this before. Our custom web tool Form2Text software has already ranked Hahamarketing.com number 1 on Google for its targeted keyword search term.

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