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My name is Dara. And I LOVE the Web. That's what gets me up in the morning.

Right out of college (Engineering in UCC), I started working on the Web. Sold my first online business way back in 2007. It spent 5+ years on the #1 spot on Google.

Later, I entered the super-competitive world of subscription software. Unsuccessfully.

I then joined a large multinational (IBM) in a development role. It was there that I started to learn about how the Web really works.

It's not servers and lines of code. But rather money and marketing that keeps the Web ticking by. I was taken under the wing of an old hand in customer development who fostered in us a hunger for mastering business, marketing and the psychology of the Web.

I know personally that every small business is run by a fanatic. Every penny counts. Seeing your online budget go down the drain, leaves you frustrated and angry.

If you'd like to get the benefit of my experience and how it can help your business. Don't hesitate in contacting me.


Our founder comes from a web development background and is a contributor to open-source software. With an eye for design and 10+ years of online experience. We know how the Web works and how to use it to your advantage.


Our vision is to make interactive content available for SMEs and non-techies. We sell interactive content to business owners that can't code and don't have time to promote.


We work remotely with teammates from many countries. Our culture is one of inclusion and respect. We like to think of our teammates and our clients as our extended family.


Our mission is to help our clients rank number 1 on Google. We are fanatical about web development, marketing and design. Our only goal is that you rank number 1.

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