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In this article, blogging for SaaS founders. We’ll cover everything you need to know to start marketing your blog professionally in the Saas niche. For info on improving your writing style. Try our blog article Why Does Your Writing Suck?

Also, you’ll find tons of ways to improve your blog writing and gain engagement by taking inspiration from our blog article 10+ Ways To Tighten Up Your Blog Writing. Thank us later.

Marketing Your Saas Product By Starting a Blog.

So you have created or are creating a Saas product. It launches with it’s core functionality inbuilt. You’ve been careful to make sure that you stuck to Eric Reis’ Minimum Viable Product theory of development.

You know the Software Development Life Cycle like the back of your hand. You might be out of BETA. Whether you are a developer working alone. Or with a team. Thank God for Git right?

Surely creating the application is the hard part? I mean if someone can master the range of skills needed to run a Saas. Then they can surely handle the marketing aspect as well? Wrong.

If you build it customers won’t nessecarily find it and subscribe on the Internet. No matter how good a product it is. Or what kind of problem it solves. I learned this the hardway. When I got burned by the Saas niche.

As a matter of fact. Crapware software sold right. Has a much better chance of gaining market share than proper web development work that isn’t. Just look at any public repo on Git and you’ll find a rogues gallery of software products, written by great devs and dev teams. That just weren’t sold right?

So How Do I Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen To Your SaaS Product?

If you have a marketing department. Then you can leave the marketing to the pros. If you have a marketing and a sales department then lucky you. I’m assuming in this case that you have funding and are looking to expand aggressively.

If you don’t have a marketing and sales department then don’t worry. Either way, a blog is an excellent way to start your inbound, content marketing journey.

So How Do I Start Blogging As A Saas Founder?

We’re going to give you tips here on how to prepare to begin blogging as SaaS founders. Before writing your blog article for your SaaS. These tips are generally SaaS specific. But can also be used by anyone writing a blog for any niche.

  1. Start with the customer in mind. Do your market research beforehand. Know who your target market is. What problem you are solving for them. And which channels they use to communicate with each other.
  2. Create Buyer Personas. Print them out and write articles to engage them one-by-one. Keep them close to the screen when you write.
  3. Next to your Buyer Persona print out. Write down the purpose of the blog article eg. gain customers, newsletter subscribers, video views etc…
  4. Do your keyword research before you begin. Important. No point in doing this after you finish. Or you might have to rewrite substantial parts of your blog post. Treat keyword research as if you are mining for gold. Most of the big nuggets are collected upstream. Go for the small volume, long-tail keywords.
  5. Don’t forget to do a Google search for your chosen keywords. This will reveal user intent.
  6. Read the blog posts of your competition and others in your industry for ideas.
  7. Only post if you have completely SURE (Specific, Unique, Relevant, Engaging) content.
  8. List benefits not features eg. our product auto-magically sends an SMS to your phone when someone submits a WordPress content form. Feature. Instead, say something like. Never miss out on another lead from your WordPress site by losing to a competitor that responds faster.
  9. Use foreshadowing. Tell the reader what you’ll cover in your article. Without them having to read the whole thing.
  10. Make it scannable. Very few customers have the time to read lengthy blog articles in these days filled with information overload. Highlight text in bold and provide infographics where possible.
  11. Use many CTA’s (Call To Actions). Whether you are looking for new subscribers to your newsletter. Or to your app. Make sure you have prominent CTA’s on your page.
  12. Avoid jargon and marketing-speak.
  13. Use highly descriptive and personal power words eg. exhilarating, outstanding.
  14. Have a theme for your post. Write posts for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey ie. Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Loyalty.
  15. Video is the king of content. If video is impossible. Then try some Interactive Content.
  16. Create both pillar posts and cluster posts. Pillar posts cover a broad subject comprehensively. Cluster posts are shorter and cover niche questions and keywords. Cluster posts link back to pillar posts. Helping to establish relevance in Google’s eyes. Every pillar post should have at least 8 cluster posts. These are called topic clusters.
  17. Back up your blog. Remember if you are using WordPress. You’ll have to back up your database in order to backup your blog.
  18. Make your posts conversational.
  19. Be figurative. Not literal. eg. This product is a lifesaver. Not. This product is a great help.
  20. Create a working title first. In your pen and paper outline of your blog post. Write down at least 5 titles. Before choosing the best one. A/B test.

For more expert tips on blogging. Check out the free HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course at

Last word on marketing your SaaS By Blogging…

Remember, those businesses that educate the best. Will gain the most market share. Take that advice to heart when you begin your journey blogging as SaaS founders.

Also, don’t forget the fundamentals of writing a blog ie.

  • Goal Setting
  • SEO
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Conversions
  • Reporting
  • Email Marketing.

Armed with these tips. You should have a leg up on the competition with regards to writing a blog post to promote your Saas.

Should you have any further tips on writing the perfect blog post. Make sure to let us know in the comments below. Or ask a question if you wish and we’ll respond ASAP.

Happy Hunting!

4 thoughts on “Blogging For Saas Founders?

  1. I don’t personally run a software as a service (SAAS) business. But I do blog occasionally. And I find one of the best ways of familiarizing yourself to your reader. Is to include some personal content or stories…

  2. Great idea Samantha.

    Reminds me of an old marketing truism. That’s more relevant today than ever…

    The more you tell, the more you sell…



  3. I run a SaaS business and i find one of the hardest tasks – besides securing funding – is getting the word out there.

    Trying to get more new customers every month than you churn.

    Blogging is a great way to get the word out about your SaaS. I’ll definitely take these great tips into consideration next time I’m writing a post.


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