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While is relatively new to the scene. We try to squeeze every last nugget of exposure and awareness that our projects allow. Here we've listed projects that have gotten the creative juices flowing...

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Form2Text WordPress Software. 1st On Google.

Business 2 Business


With 78% of online purchases going to the first business that responds to customer queries. At we thought we'd a web tool for WordPress that would give our B2B clients a competitive advantage over their competition.

Our WordPress lead response software, Form2Text is a tool or plugin that can be installed on your WordPress website and will email you and text message you. Whenever a visitor to your website submits a contact form. Saving you time and energy in having to constantly check your email.


Ranked number 1 in the Google Search Engine Results Page for the term 'wordpress lead response software', (Jul '21). And with the WordPress Content Management System running 38% of websites on the Internet. Form2Text is an example of how a web application can get your business ranked on Google. By following the same simple Google ranking process.

Frank Nolan's Butchers SEO

Frank Nolan's Sustainable Butchers, Cork city.



The goal of this project was to boost the online profile of our local sustainable, craft butchers - Frank Nolan's on Shandon Street, Cork city. James Nolan, the proprietor of Frank Nolans is an old-school butcher and didn't want to go down the path of designing, developing and marketing a website. So we decided an interview for our blog would do instead.


Currently (Apr '21) - around 4 months after the blog page was published. With some diligent SEO work. The interview with Frank Nolan's currently ranks in 2nd position in the Google search results for the keyword search term sustainable butchers cork city and ranks on the first page of Google for keyword search term butchers cork city.

The interview also features in the top-3 local pack of Google local search results with the map for terms like butchers near me. In terms of constraints, because the blog isn't in the butchering niche. The results would have faster and better for a dedicated butcher's store website. However, we were very happy with how the Search Engine Optimization campaign turned out.


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