The Case Studies Gallery Featuring Our Work.

While is relatively new to the scene. We try to squeeze every last nugget of exposure and awareness that our projects allow. Here we've listed projects that have gotten the creative juices flowing...

Google Ads Leisure Brand

Boosting Google Ads Peformance For a Leisure Brand.

Google Ads


Drive growth for a leisure brand with a Google Ads campaign. Create a framework whereby we could continually set, monitor, and improve on SMART goals.


We created an event tracking framework using Google Tag Manager to measure all the Key Performance Indicators for this brand, including contact form submissions, video views, subscriptions etc.

We developed online 24/7, real-time dashboards to visualize data from Google Analytics to help the client monitor, set goals and make continual adjustments.

Then, through a process of continual experimentation and gradual improvement. We halved the Cost Per Click on the Google Ads account.

We also created several other improvements on the Google Ads account. Including improving the copy, developing new landing pages, and optimizing landing page speed by 45%.


Overall, we improved the performance on this Google Ads account for the client by over 30%.

By improving page speed, boosting Quality Score and improving the ad copy, we were able to help the client reach, then exceed their quarterly marketing goals.

Rebel City Tour of Cork

Rebel City Tour of Cork. Smartphone Tour.

Interactive Content


The goal of this project was to create a piece of interactive content to celebrate 100 years since the war of independence and the truce between Britain and Ireland.

Target Audience:

Cork city locals. Irish tourists. International tourists.


Walk in the footsteps of history with the Hahamarketing Rebel City tour of Cork. You'll never see the city streets in the same way again with our entertaining and educational smartphone tour.

The smartphone tour includes a map, location, pictures and story files on various actions undertaken by republican volunteers during the war of independence 100 years ago.


With nearly 1000 organic visits in the first 3 weeks since launch. We consider the smartphone tour a great success. As we take the opportunity to promote the tour in the future. We hope we can build on this success and maybe even extend the tour to include a Food and Drink smartphone tour soon.


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