The Ultimate Guide To Improving Lead Response Time For Your Small Business Running WordPress.

The Problem

So you put in the hard work. Getting your name out there. You are investing in advertising, marketing and all the rest. Leads are contacting you. Only you’re falling at the last hurdle. Your competitors are stealing your leads because they respond quickly. Whereas you are busy working with the customers you have already so you’re missing out.

The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times.

Lead Response Management Study

Let’s take Tom. He’s an accountant from Cork. His business is growing year-on-year and he’s gotten to the stage where he can invest in Google and Facebook ads. Tom also has a website – from which he gets enquiries from customers/leads online. Tom works mostly in the Business-To-Business sector.

After all, the website was expensive. But turned out to be an investment in his business. It’s where the people who click on the Google Ads and Facebook Ads end up. And is Tom’s most effective marketing channel.

Tom spends the day balancing the books for his clients. Some say his work is boring, but Tom doesn’t mind. He finds it stimulating and doesn’t have a moment to lose during the hours of 9-5 Mon-Fri.

Tom can’t be checking his email every few minutes because he’s busy taking care of his existing customers. The problem is though, Tom finds that many of his leads go with the first accountant that offers them a free consultation online or over the phone.

Tom can’t afford a secretary like his bigger competitors. And doesn’t have the time to respond to emails like less-busy competitors of his own size. Time is Tom’s most valuable resource. After all the bank loan Tom took out isn’t going to pay for itself.

Flushing Money Down The Drain

Flushing Money Down The Drain

Since Tom spends hundreds of Euros every week on Facebook and Google ads. Yet he has an average lead response time of well over an hour. Tom is essentially flushing his advertising budget down the drain.

Unless Tom can get his response time down to 5 minutes or less. He is doing himself a major disservice. And is not helping his cash flow situation one bit.

The Kicker

So what can Tom do to fix his problem? He’s tried a number of solutions already but has found them either so intrusive that they break his concentration and workflow.

Or else he has encountered solutions that don’t work because they share confidential financial information with third-party computers which doesn’t comply with GDPR regulations. Still, more fixes fail to stop spam and so he gets bombarded with marketing messages all the time.

Tom also has a special contact form with a menu whereby the customer picks the service they are inquiring about and fills out their information first. Tom wants to know why and not just who is contacting him.

Possible Solutions

So Tom wants to save time, slash lead response time, preserve his concentration and workflow and develop a bespoke rollout that fits the software directly to his site. He needs an easy to use piece of software and would like to avoid having to wait while newbie support staff consult their boss on simple questions.

Facebook Messenger Chat App

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is certainly one solution to Tom’s problem. Not only is it easy to use, but it comes with its own mobile app that means Tom can get notified of messages on his phone. What’s more, you can program a chatbot into Facebook Messenger to answer simple questions and take information from customers.

The major problem with Facebook Messenger is that it’s not private. So is unsuitable for confidential information. Also many people won’t use Facebook Messenger because they know that all too often they’ll end up talking to a chat bot. Chat bots are not only impersonal, but take time to finesse, program and install.

At over 120MB the Facebook Messenger App is too big for many phones.

Email Automation

2. Email Automation

The best thing about email automation is that it’s free. It’s also relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of support. You can respond to customer leads in minutes without breaking your workflow.

One problem with automated email responses though, is that they are canned responses. They aren’t personalized for the most part. They are also one-size-fits-all and are difficult to configure if you want different responses to different inquiries.

They also aren’t great at converting leads to customers. And because much of your email from your website is bot-spam. It doesn’t look good to your mail provider that you are constantly emailing spam addresses.

Customer Relationship Management Software

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management software is great for capturing email addresses and telephone numbers and assisting you in turning leads into customers. It keeps track of contacts, provides template sales emails and generally keeps track of your sales performance.

CRM software however can be an added expense for a small business. Especially if you use it infrequently. Plus you have to check your CRM database regularly.

There are also privacy issues and with a large number of businesses using CRM software, it’s tough to make the advantage count.

Hahamarketing Telephone Marketing

4. Telephone

Google recommends you display your telephone contact details prominently on your website. Many customers like to be able to talk on the phone. The personal contact and instant communication is great for closing leads.

The problem with the telephone though, is many prospects aren’t ready yet to enter your sales funnel. They want basic information and for that, they want to communicate over email only.

Many customers fear the hard sell tactics of having a telephone conversation with a business owner and/or salesperson. Especially one that now has their telephone number in their database.

Form2Text WordPress Software from

5. Form2Text WordPress Software

Last but not least is the Form2Text WordPress website software. Not only does it have a Math Captcha Spam filter for stopping all those spam messages. But it also has a privacy mode setting for confidential information.

Gone will be the days of checking email every 30 minutes. Breaking your concentration and workflow. You’ll be able to slash your lead response time and convert more leads into customers from your website.

Form2Text works by sending an SMS to your phone whenever someone submits a contact form on your website.

It’s easy to use, has direct support and comes with bespoke rollout so you can integrate extra functionality and features based on your website lead process. What’s more, the Form2Text WordPress plugin is free to download and install.

Final Thoughts

Whichever solution works best for you. The statistics show that you need to have a method of cutting your lead response to 5 minutes or less. Whether you get most of your traffic from Google organically or you pay for Google/Facebook/LinkedIn ads.

You can save both time and money while eliminating waste by having a process in place to optimize your lead response times.

How Can My Small Irish Business Survive COVID-19?

These are testing times. Bringing heaps of trouble. Here we’ll look at helping your small, Irish business survive COVID. Most have been forced to close their business down or reduce their service capacity. It is still unknown as to when the coronavirus pandemic will subside. The future, at the moment, doesn’t look good for small businesses, that’s for sure.

But, is there a way these companies can save or generate revenue during COVID-19? In this post, we are going to discuss exactly that. We have found five important ways SMEs can use to keep winning despite the coronavirus outbreak.

5 Useful Tips For Small Businesses During COVID-19

There’s a lot that can be done to keep generating revenue for your busine

1. Get Online To Help Your Small, Irish Business Survive COVID.

If you have always been thinking about moving your business online, this is the perfect time to do it. There are a number of compelling reasons why you should not let this moment pass.

First, people’s attention is moving towards the Internet. It’s where they spend a huge percentage of their time. This shift will slowly tilt against the brick and mortar businesses over time. Even after the pandemic is over. The Internet is the future and you should be ready for it. 

Second, the overhead costs of running an online business is far less than that of running a physical store. You have fewer resources to manage and more of your time can be spent on growing your business. 

Third, COVID-19. People are afraid to get out of their houses. They still have access to the Internet. They can use it to get the products and services they want. If your business is not online, your Internet-savvy competitor will win.

There’s nothing much you have to do to move your business online. All you need is a business website with all the important features like product pages, virtual carts, payment integrations, SSL certificates, etc. A website design and development expert can help you with this.

2. Don’t Stop Advertising Online

Have you been advertising online but gave up because of COVID-19? Well, you should rethink your strategy. You have a great opportunity to attract an entirely new user base for your business. Ultimately helping your Irish business survive COVID.

Pressing hard on marketing during the pandemic, making the audience know that you care about them, can go a long way in creating a healthy customer-business relationship. Many companies, like Dominos, are doing it by providing a zero-contact delivery. 

Promoting this very ‘update’ in your services shows that you care. This is the perfect time to market your services and build an audience to reap its reward for years to come. The quarantine will be over one day, for sure. 

Therefore, spending money NOW to attract an audience will help you gain more revenue AFTER the quarantine is over. 

3. Content Creation for Communication

Once you have a website developed, you can add a blog section to it. The purpose of adding a blog on your website is simple. Your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems on the Internet. 

When they search on Google, and your website ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You automatically form a great impression on your potential customers. On top of that, if they click on your link and find your post really helpful, they will be much more likely to do business with you. 

By writing blog posts and optimizing it for search engines using the latest SEO techniques, you can really boost your brand’s online presence. Make sure you hire an expert blog post writer for your website because the content is going to reflect who you are.

Creating blog posts and doing SEO for your website will eventually help you lower your ad spend on paid advertising. Thus, it can really help you save a lot of money during COVID-19.

4. Get Active on Social Media

Did you know that there are almost 3.8 billion people on social media? Well, we are quite certain that your target audience is also on social media. This is the perfect time to attract the attention of your target audience on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

How can you do that? You can do it by creating content. Designing social media posts, videos, and graphics that show how much you care about your followers will definitely help your brand to get closer to them during these tough times. 

You can also go live on these social media channels and express your opinions and announce what you are up to during the quarantine. Doing this will make you look authentic and people will want to do business with you and stay loyal. 

5. Make a Shift in Branding

There has to be a complete shift in your branding strategies for your business. The COVID-19 outbreak has made businesses temporarily change their branding to show that they support the people in their quest to contain the outbreak.

People are always keen on doing business with brands that show solidarity with their followers. Such brands are relatable to the public and thus they attract more business and revenue.

Hiring a branding expert and utilizing this time to create a relatable brand should be your top priority. It will not make you spend much. But will ensure great returns. Also, make sure you couple your branding shift with exceptional content as well.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it. We have mentioned some of the best ways you can save and also generate revenue to help your Irish business survive COVID. These are tough times and we highly recommend making sure that all your employees are safe and healthy.

We wish you all the very best for your future. Since you are here, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter as we bring all the latest updates from the world of online marketing and web development. Thanks.

Market Your Small Irish Business Online

This is a guide to assist you to market your small Irish business online. We’ll cover some growth hack techniques that may be of interest to both newbies and more advanced online sellers.

Some of the most effective online marketing channels can also be some of the easiest to implement. However, if you are serious about marketing your business online.

You will either have to put in the hours of learning/doing or alternatively you could find a professional to do it for you.

Here are 8 elements of online marketing you should cover as quickly as possible to get your digital marketing campaign up and running.

Hahamarketing Online Tips for Irish SME’s

#1 Website/Logo design matter.

First things first. Your website/logo design determines your customer’s first impression of your business.

Most people would prefer to see a beautifully designed site as opposed to something plain and simple. A great website builds trust with your audience.

And is a great way to market your small Irish business.

#2 Your website should load quickly and be responsive.

40 percent of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.


The majority of mobile internet users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load. Also, many mobile sites – if designed/programmed poorly – will have an uncomfortable amount of ‘jumping’ as the browser tries to render the page correctly.

47% of users expect desktop sites to load in 2 seconds or less.   You can test how quick your website loads by clicking here.

Code optimization, page caching and faster servers can all help with loading times. If your page loads take more than 3 seconds. Then you might want to speak to a professional developer.

#3 Start Email Marketing.

Did you know that email marketing generally gives a return on investment of x44 times investment spend? If you don’t already do email marketing then you might want to start thinking about starting.

Embed an email sign up sheet on your site and start collecting those subscriptions straight away. Alternatively, you could start with sales magnets such as a free e-book, or special discount for an email address.

Remember to add value to the user experience. Whether you email customers monthly or weekly, be sure not to spam or oversell. Market by starting a conversation with your customers. Rather than at your customers is a great way to market your small Irish business.

#4 Analytics: know your data.

Whether you’re building a customer persona for your social media marketing campaign. Or you’re monitoring your Return On Ad Spend. The important part of analytics is to focus your attention on the customer’s journey.

How customers go from noticing your brand, to subscribing, to making a purchase and eventually becoming a brand evangelist.

Can you tie your analytics back to Return On Investment (ROI)? Do you ignore vanity metrics‘ that don’t contribute to the bottom line? When analyzing traffic, segment your traffic by source eg. organic, paid, referral, social and direct.

Analytics should tell you which pages on your site attract the most visitors, which actions visitors are taking on your site, where your visitors are dropping off and opportunities to enhance the various stages of the customer’s journey eg. Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention and Advocacy.

#5 Start a Blog.

Blogging is one of the least expensive ways to get your brand in front of an audience and influencers. The more content a consumer reads on your site, the more likely they are to trust you and make a purchase down the line. And will ultimately help you market your small Irish business.

Today’s customers go straight to the web in order to find information well before they ever consider making a purchase. It’s important once you start a blog, to update it regularly with new posts with informative content.

#6 Conduct Experiments.

Don’t be afraid to change things around on your site. Does your email subscription form need to be changed, from the bottom of your page to the top? Can you change your email subject lines?

True growth hacking means constantly conducting experiments on your site (and in your social media presence). Little differences can make a big difference so get stuck in.

Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.

Vince Lombardi

#7 Be a (shameless) Self-Promoter Of Your Small Irish Business.

In order to get your brand name out there, you’ll have to work tirelessly at self-promotion. Get out there and ask for strategic backlinks for your business. Also, try to guest post on influencer’s websites.

Visit online communities and forums and start posting helpful advice on them. Relationships are one of the most valuable currencies in growth hacking.

#8 Partner With A Company That Complements You.

No man/woman is an island. Sometimes the best way to increase brand recognition or the bottom line is to partner with other companies that complement your business.

In your marketing efforts don’t forget to point users to others that already love your brand. This social proof is just as powerful as customer testimonials in attracting new users/customers.


Competition is everywhere and today, consumers have more choices than ever before. They choose who they want to interact with on social media and who they trust/subscribe/purchase from on the Internet.

It’s your job to create quality, informative content that keeps users coming back. Creates brand evangelists and helps customers on their buyers journey.

Maybe you’d like to share some of the growth hack techniques that have worked for you in the past?