6 Tips To Seriously Save On Your Businesses’ Website Costs.

Saving Money On Your Website Costs.

Need to save on the cost of website design for your small business? Having been in a position of running a local business. I can empathize with the business owner. Every penny counts. I personally started a business that suffered liquidity problems. So I know what it’s like to reach into your pocket; only to come back empty-handed.

In our role as consumer champion. We are going to share with you these tips on how to save serious cash on your design and development charges.

Saving an extra few thousand on website fees is a no-brainer. This means you have that bit extra to put towards paying wages or marketing your business. Maybe even starting an expert SEO campaign with a measurable ROI?

1. Is Your Web Designer Building Your Website Using a Ready-Made Template Design?

Template websites are ready-made, turn-key websites that come pre-built. These websites typically just take a few hours or days to install and build. All the designer has to do is change around some colors, text and add images.

If your designer is charging you more than 2000€ for a template site. You might want to think about saving money by creating your own website using one of the many website builder websites out there such as Shopify or Wix.

Certainly, see whether you can market your business online before splashing out 4 to 5,000€ on a template site. Ask your designer can they code custom websites? And what design experience do they have?

Or alternatively, if you do want to design a website that’s easy to Search Engine Optimize (SEO). You might think about commissioning a bespoke, custom designed website with a great ROI instead.

2. A Big Save On The Website Cost For Your Small Business. Make Sure You Own Your Own Domain Name.

We’ve seen clients in the past get caught out by unscrupulous operators who claim ownership over a businesses’ domain name ie. website address.

This usually happens when the business owner tries to change the webmaster. Make sure you own your domain name and that its DNS info is registered with your details. Not your webmaster’s.

3. Don’t Overpay For Website Updates.

If your webmaster charges by the hour for updates or fixes to your website. Save money by getting him/her to update as many different issues as possible at one time. Instead of being billed 5 times. Ask for 5 updates altogether to save cash.

Alternatively, in order to save on website design costs for your small business; find a webmaster that’ll charge you by the half-hour for updates.

4. Build Your Website With SEO in Mind From Day One.

SEO is a process. Not a one-time job. The first area of SEO. The one that’s most important when you are building your website. Is called technical SEO.

Technical SEO involves writing website code that is search engine friendly. This can become a lot harder if your web designer is using website design templates, see above.

Also, your designer should be SEO-proficient and be able to code. Ask to see websites they’ve created that rank on the first page of Google.

5. Ask About Your Web Designer’s Skill Set.

Designing websites is more complicated today than ever. To be a proficient web designer. The designer should be not just be able to design. But also be able to write server (back end) and browser (front end) code. SEO. Administration. Copywriting. Marketing. At the very least. Knowing HTML isn’t enough.

If they aren’t proficient in these areas and more. It’s going to cost you extra time and effort to source someone who can take on these extra jobs.

6. Be Wary Of Proprietary Content Management Systems.

Proprietary Content Management Systems (CMSs) are a bad idea in our opinion.

Not only do they add extra expense for less security and features. But they also tie you in to your web designer. Should you wish to change web designer in the future. Then you have to start your website all over again.

The best CMS on the market is undoubtedly WordPress. It’s open-source, free and runs 38% of websites on the Internet.


Taking all these tips on board. Should save you at least 5000€ over a year on your website design costs. Money that can be better spent elsewhere. Remember to sign up to the Hahamarketing.com newsletter for more money-saving tips for your business.

If you have any questions. Or need any advice on ways to save money on your website charges. Then by all means, feel free to contact us.

Maybe you have some tips on how to save money on website charges of your own? Leave a comment below.

Happy Hunting!

10+ Ways To Tighten Up Your Blog Writing.

Exploring ways to tighten up your blog writing?

Now, I didn’t do too bad in my leaving cert (end of school exams). The only reason I didn’t do even better though. Was because my language results let me down. Irish and German in particular.

My first job out of college was in the German department of a hotel booking chain. The reason I could speak German all day. Yet didn’t receive an A grade in my school exams. Was because I’m a grammar phobe. I hate grammar.

On that note, I thought it about time that I clean up my writing a little. And tackle some of the more common English grammar mistakes. Lest I repeat them again and again in my blogging.

Improving Your Writing.

I’ve tried to break down some simple grammar principles here. In language even I can understand. With some help from the guys and girls at Google.com, GrammarCheck.net and Grammarly.com. So if you get the chance. You should check the grammar sites out for yourself.

Don’t forget to check out some of my other posts on improving your writing style such as Why Does Your Writing Suck?

Can Your Blog Benefit From These Writing Mistakes, Simplified?

Let’s assume, since you are a blogger. You know the difference between there and their. And it’s and its. If you don’t, then Google is your friend. We are going to run through some other grammatical errors that people (me) make in their blog from time to time.

  • Who’s vs Whose. Who’s is abbreviated for who is or who has. While whose is a pronoun, so describes a person. Eg. Who’s developed that website? Whose computer is that?
  • Effect vs Affect. If you are talking about cause and effect. Use effect, the noun. Otherwise use affect, the verb. Eg. That medication had no effect on me. I took the medicine, but it didn’t affect me.
  • Who vs Whom. try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”’ or “’she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Eg. The computer belonged to whom? Who bought a new computer?
  • Then vs Than. Then is used in order or sequence. Than is used in comparison. Eg. He installed the computer, then took a break. He had more than one cup of coffee.
  • : (colon) vs ; (semi-colon). colons are used to show something is following. Semi-colons join 2 independent clauses. Eg. John said: “I don’t want to do it”. John went to the shop; I followed him there.
  • That vs Which.  If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use which. Eg. That’s the best website that I have ever seen. That’s the best computer which I saw all day.
  • Regard vs Regards. Regard is used to express consideration. Regards is a friendly greeting. Eg. She shows no regard for others. My kindest regards to you and your family.
  • As regards vs With Regards vs In Regards. With regards and in regards can be used interchangeably. As regards is used to introduce a topic. Eg. With regards to the rules on web design… As regards to the new web design rules.
  • In vs On. Use in when something is located inside of a defined space. Use on when something is touching the surface of something.
  • Commas vs full stops. A full stop ends a sentence. A comma shows a pause, breaks up a list or separates part of a sentence. If in doubt, use a full stop.
  • For vs To. Use “to” when the reason or purpose is a verb. Use “for” when the reason or purpose is a noun.
  • Quotes vs Italics. I use quotes only to reference written or spoken words. Otherwise, I use italics.

More ways of tightening up your blog writing?

Are there any simple writing mistakes that I’m missing? If so comment below and I’ll add them to this blog post

Also, if you are interested in more web tips in general. Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter on the Hahamarketing subscription homepage. We’ll keep you up to date with writing and general web tips.

Happy Hunting!

Why Does Your Writing Suck?

Does your writing suck? For a number of years, after college. I taught English part-time in South Korea to kids of different ages. Going through the same grammar and writing textbooks day after day. Not only gave me a new-found respect for teachers.

But also drilled some of the rules of writing English into me. Which up to that point were skills that had been sorely lacking.

Reasons To Hone Your Writing Craft.

There are many reasons to tidy up your writing style. Especially if you are a blogger or copywriter. Not only does your writing style get noticed by your visitors. But it can also affect your Google position.

While I don’t pretend to be a professional writer or copywriter. I do write occasionally for Hahamarketing.com. So it’s in my best interests to study the craft. I think you might find this guide useful. Especially if you are a novice writer who blogs or writes on the side.

I’ll keep updating this post with tips as time goes by. So if you have any good tips you’d like to see included. Please don’t hesitate to comment below. Or follow this link for more of my writing tips.

Your Writing Technique Will Effect Your Google Position.

Google knows when you’ve been naughty. Misusing commas, prepositions or parenthesis. And for sites that aim to achieve Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) in Google’s eyes.

Especially for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) websites eg. medical, financial websites. Among the ranking signals will be grammar, sentence construction, spelling mistakes, tone and general writing technique.

What’s more, because Google uses behavioural signals as a ranking factor. The more people who respond to your web copy on the Google results pages (SERPs). The higher your website will climb on the Google rankings.

Many of these tips were researched by myself on Google. Some were taken from grammarcheck.net; I’d recommend you check this website out if you have the time.

Tips To Stop Your Writing From Sucking.

  • Use full stops. Not commas. Commas are used to separate independent clauses and after coordinating conjunctions eg. and, yet, but, so, for, or, nor. Too many commas make a sentence cumbersome to read. Read your sentence out loud. If you need to take a breath. Then it’s too long. Also, use commas instead of parentheses (brackets) if you can.
  • Tell a story. If your writing does suck. Then maybe this is one of the reasons. Brands with a great brand story. Are 20 times as effective in selling as brands without. Whether you are writing for personal enjoyment, business or a bit of both. If you publish to the web. Then you have a brand.
  • Vary your sentence length. Write paragraphs with varying sentence length for best results generally. Like a musician varying the cords played on his/her instrument. Short sentences add pace. Long sentences slow the pace down.
  • Use pronouns sparingly. Let the subject of the sentence do the work. Eg. Tom opened the can. Not. He opened the can. Don’t use it/she/he unless you really have to.
  • Paragraphs. should have no more than 4 sentences in them. Separate your ideas. For each statement or idea. Create a new paragraph. Avoid the wall-of-text effect. Break up your paragraphs. Especially important for mobile copy.
  • Use adverbs sparingly. adverbs are for lazy writers. Show. Don’t Tell. Eg. Tom turned on the computer quickly. Try instead. Tom was so fast, it seemed like the computer turned on by itself.
  • Keep your writing as tight as possible. If you can say it in fewer words. Then do so. Avoid redundancy. Be merciless.
  • Read your work out loud. Catch any stray words or inelegant sentences.
  • Avoid passive voice in your writing. Eg. The code got written on the computer. Try instead. Bill wrote some great code on his computer.
  • Keep sentences short. Sentences should have no more than 15 words in them.
  • Pick a tone for your blog eg. informal, educational, business, fun. Be consistent with your voice.
  • It’s not about writing. It’s all about rewriting. Take some time to edit your article. Leave at least a few hours and return to your article with fresh eyes before releasing it.
  • Ending A Sentence With A Preposition. This isn’t a grammatical error believe it or not. And it’s fine when writing to friends or family. However in a business or formal setting. Avoid. Eg. What did he need the computer for?

Does Your Writing Still Suck?

Lastly, I’d just like to add. The browser extension from grammarly.com is a must-have for any budding writer. It’s chrome compatible and really helps to cut down on those pesky spelling and legibility errors. if you have any personal writing tips that you think I’ve missed. I’d be happy to add them to the list.

Before You Go.

Also, if you are blogging with WordPress. The Yoast.com SEO plugin gives you both an SEO and readability analysis of your writing. On top of other great features. Both of these pieces of software come with free versions that are great.

Happy Hunting!

8 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Small Business Website.

So without further ado, we’ll pick the top 8 WordPress plugins that your small business website will need to get started. By installing and configuring these plugins you will get a head-start on the competition and run a more streamlined WordPress website than others in your niche.

Hahamarketing.com Form2Text WordPress Software Plugin

1. Form2Text WordPress Plugin By Hahamarketing.com

The Hahamarketing.com Form2Text plugin is an easy win for any online business running WordPress. After all, it costs you nothing to be the first to respond to customer leads from your website. And the stats show that it is one of the biggest factors in closing leads to customers.

If you’re not familiar with Form2Text, it works by text messaging your phone whenever someone fills out a contact form on your website. It’s easy to use, comes with direct support and bespoke roll out is available.

For more info on Form2Text please go here. Also, make sure you use the Form2Text Calculated Spreadsheet which helps you calculate your lead response times and the number of times you check your email daily.

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Software

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO helps you get more search engine traffic to your website. It does this by helping you with on-page and technical SEO work. Such as getting your content keyword density just right and creating a compelling meta descritpion.

Don’t forget to also install Yoast Local SEO if you get local traffic and customers to your business or website.

Yoast also has a great tutorial and exam facility where you can train yourself on the Yoast products. Certainly a must try.

WordPress WooCommerce Software Plugin

3. WooCommerce ECommerce Plugin.

WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform and runs on WordPress. Not only is it free and easy to install and configure. But it also interfaces with payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

If you are running a WordPress website and want to start selling online. Then WooCommerce is your best bet.

The WooCommerce community is large and helpful to newbies. You can sell both physical and digital goods. It also has product variations, custom configurations, instant downloads, and affiliate items.

Bookings, memberships, subscriptions, and dynamic pricing rules are also possible.

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

4. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a WordPress Application Firewall (WAF) that keeps your WordPress site free from a whole host of malware, sql injection attacks, brute force attacks and malicious traffic IP’s.

Wordfence is one of the most comprehensive WordPress security solutions available. Since getting your site hacked can lead to a Google manual action or penalty.

Which could include a removal of your website from the Google index. It’s important to have one WAF installed on your site. More than one WAF though can lead to complications as each plugin begins to step on each others toes, so to speak.

It’s best to install just one WAF. And that WAF should be Wordfence Security in our opinion.

Updraft Plus WordPress Software Plugin

5. Updraft Plus Backup Software

Every webmaster should know that it’s essential to have regular and consistent backups of your website. Depending on your website type, a 24 hour backup schedule is advised.

However if you have alot of User Generated Content (UGC) or you update your site often. Then you should back up more often.

Updraft Plus is the most popular backup plugin available for WordPress and comes with a one click restore feature. Which will restore your WordPress site from backup with the click of a button. Life saver.

Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

6. Akismet Spam Protection

Not only is spam annoying and a waste of your time and resources. It can also lead to your site slipping in the search engine rankings when it’s noticed by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Akismet monitors your blog comments and blocks spam comments from bad actors and spam bots which troll the Internet looking for WordPress blogs to comment on.

Google Site Kit For WordPress

7. Site Kit By Google

Site Kit By Google is Google’s attempt to join the WordPress bandwagon and make all of it’s tools available to WordPress users without having to go through a laborious installation, configuration and monitoring process.

If you just want some basic statistics on how your website is doing in Google. Then Site Key is the answer. It interfaces with Google Ads, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

8. MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the best and easiest ways of building an email subscriber list with your WordPress website.

Simply sign up to Mailchimp. Then install and configure the Mailchimp plugin. And start your very own email marketing campaign.

Mailchimp is free initially until you reach the threshold of number of subscribers. Then it’s a paid model.

Signing Off

So these are a pick of my top 8 WordPress software plugins for your small business site. What are your favorite plugins for your business WordPress website?

Let us know what works for your business and I can include the best choices in our list maybe. Any other WordPress plugin tips that you’d like to share?

6 Of The Best WordPress Software Plugins To Improve Your Lead Response Times.

Being the first to respond to leads is free. And since the majority of customers on the web shop around for services. With 78% of customers going with the first responder. It makes sense to optimize your lead response time process.

If you are serious about maximizing your online potential through improving your customer response time. Make sure to get your free copy of the Form2Text Calculated Spreadsheet.

Which you can use to gain a full picture of how your speed-to-lead software is benefiting your business. Along with calculated graphs and charts that’ll track your speed-to-lead progress over time and an email checking counter.

It’s built with Form2Text in mind, but can be used with any speed-to-lead software solution.

Also, don’t forget to take the Lead Response Time Test to see how long it takes your business to respond to customer leads. It just takes one minute. Want to find out how much you are losing every minute you don’t respond to a customer query?

Try the Lead Response Cost Estimator Tool. It too only takes a minute and is so worth it for your business.

Selection Of Speed To Lead Software For WordPress

So let’s dive right in then. We’ll have a look at some of the best speed to lead software out there for WordPress.

Note: software that integrates with WordPress is generally called a plugin. So that’s what we’ll be calling these pieces of software in this blog post.

form2text wordpress software logo hahamarketing.com
Form2Text Lead Response Software by Hahamarketing.com

1. Form2Text by Hahamarketing.com

Hahamarketing.com’s very own custom developed WordPress plugin (software). We developed this piece of lead response time software because we were tired of constantly missing out on leads that went to competitors that responded more quickly.

Form2Text works by sending an SMS message to your phone whenever someone submits a contact form on your WordPress website.

It also comes with a Math Spam Captcha to halt those nasty spam messages and save you time. It even features a privacy mode so your messages can stay off third party servers.

What’s more, it’s free to download and install. It comes with direct support. It’s easy to use. Bespoke rollout is available.

Live Call Callback Plugin

2. Live Call: Callback Plugin For WordPress.

Live Call is a plugin for WordPress that allows your customers/leads to contact you immediately by phone.

It works like this – a customer comes to your website. Enters his name in the Live Call widget. Then gets connected with someone on your sales team automatically by phone.

LiveCall also comes with a call back scheduler. An exit intent popup that’ll appear if a visitor to your site appears to be leaving your website.

Overall, if you have someone available to talk on an immediate basis. Then Live Call is definitely a good option. However if you do alot of international business and don’t have a 24/7 sales staff you might run into issues.

Chat Bot WordPress Software

3. ChatBot For WordPress.

ChatBot for WordPress is a simple, light-weight, programmable chatbot that won’t slow down your website. You can interact with your customers 24/7 using this plugin.

ChatBot is designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use

However ChatBot, like any conversation bot. Does have its drawbacks. Some customers just don’t like talking to bots. Plus it can take some time to configure and finesse correctly for your customer interactions.

Real Time Statistics WordPress Plugin

4. Visitor Real Time Statistics

If you are a local business with local customers. Especially if you are a brick and mortar business with no online ecommerce facility. Then it’ll pay to know exactly where your customers are coming from.

Visitor Real Time Statistics can help you discover which of your customers come from your local area and doesn’t require the applied knowledge of a heavy weight tool like Google Analytics.

If however you sell internationally and have customers from other countries. Knowing which of your customers are locals won’t help much.

Also, it’s harder for systems such as these to track Desktop locations because many of the Internet Service Providers terminate the Internet connections far away from where the customers are actually living.

Appointment Hour Booking Software

5. Appointment Hour Booking WordPress Plugin.

The Appointment Hour Booking plugin for WordPress allows your customers to schedule an appointment to meet you or one of your sales staff at a time that suits both of you.

This plugin allows you to define opening hours, services type, price and duration and can come in handy if you are advertising to locals who want to see a real live person before making a purchasing decision.

The only problem is though unless you are specifically advertising and targeting local traffic. Or you are willing to travel great distances to sell your services. The Appointment Hour Booking software isn’t suitable.

Hubspot CRM Software Plugin WordPress
HubSpot CRM Software For WordPress

6. HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

Last but not least we come to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) WordPress plugin from Hubspot. This tool is a one size fits all affair. Integrating your WordPress site with the Hubspot CRM.

It does email marketing, live video and text chat, web forms and even provides analytics. It’s free to download and install.

For businesses familiar with Hubspot, this plugin is essential for integrating the CRM with your businesses WordPress site. The only issue is however is that the tool can get expensive to users for certain essential features.

Although using a CRM is something we’d recommend for your business. The Hubspot charges can add up for a smaller enterprise.


So there you have it. 6 of the best, free tools to use to dramatically improve your speed to lead response times from your WordPress site.

Do you have any experience with these tools? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts. Let us know how you handle customer response processes in your business. What is your average lead response time ?

The Ultimate Guide To Improving Lead Response Time For Your Small Business Running WordPress.

The Problem

So you put in the hard work. Getting your name out there. You are investing in advertising, marketing and all the rest. Leads are contacting you. Only you’re falling at the last hurdle. Your competitors are stealing your leads because they respond quickly. Whereas you are busy working with the customers you have already so you’re missing out.

The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times.

Lead Response Management Study

Let’s take Tom. He’s an accountant from Cork. His business is growing year-on-year and he’s gotten to the stage where he can invest in Google and Facebook ads. Tom also has a website – from which he gets enquiries from customers/leads online. Tom works mostly in the Business-To-Business sector.

After all, the website was expensive. But turned out to be an investment in his business. It’s where the people who click on the Google Ads and Facebook Ads end up. And is Tom’s most effective marketing channel.

Tom spends the day balancing the books for his clients. Some say his work is boring, but Tom doesn’t mind. He finds it stimulating and doesn’t have a moment to lose during the hours of 9-5 Mon-Fri.

Tom can’t be checking his email every few minutes because he’s busy taking care of his existing customers. The problem is though, Tom finds that many of his leads go with the first accountant that offers them a free consultation online or over the phone.

Tom can’t afford a secretary like his bigger competitors. And doesn’t have the time to respond to emails like less-busy competitors of his own size. Time is Tom’s most valuable resource. After all the bank loan Tom took out isn’t going to pay for itself.

Flushing Money Down The Drain

Flushing Money Down The Drain

Since Tom spends hundreds of Euros every week on Facebook and Google ads. Yet he has an average lead response time of well over an hour. Tom is essentially flushing his advertising budget down the drain.

Unless Tom can get his response time down to 5 minutes or less. He is doing himself a major disservice. And is not helping his cash flow situation one bit.

The Kicker

So what can Tom do to fix his problem? He’s tried a number of solutions already but has found them either so intrusive that they break his concentration and workflow.

Or else he has encountered solutions that don’t work because they share confidential financial information with third-party computers which doesn’t comply with GDPR regulations. Still, more fixes fail to stop spam and so he gets bombarded with marketing messages all the time.

Tom also has a special contact form with a menu whereby the customer picks the service they are inquiring about and fills out their information first. Tom wants to know why and not just who is contacting him.

Possible Solutions

So Tom wants to save time, slash lead response time, preserve his concentration and workflow and develop a bespoke rollout that fits the software directly to his site. He needs an easy to use piece of software and would like to avoid having to wait while newbie support staff consult their boss on simple questions.

Facebook Messenger Chat App

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is certainly one solution to Tom’s problem. Not only is it easy to use, but it comes with its own mobile app that means Tom can get notified of messages on his phone. What’s more, you can program a chatbot into Facebook Messenger to answer simple questions and take information from customers.

The major problem with Facebook Messenger is that it’s not private. So is unsuitable for confidential information. Also many people won’t use Facebook Messenger because they know that all too often they’ll end up talking to a chat bot. Chat bots are not only impersonal, but take time to finesse, program and install.

At over 120MB the Facebook Messenger App is too big for many phones.

Email Automation

2. Email Automation

The best thing about email automation is that it’s free. It’s also relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of support. You can respond to customer leads in minutes without breaking your workflow.

One problem with automated email responses though, is that they are canned responses. They aren’t personalized for the most part. They are also one-size-fits-all and are difficult to configure if you want different responses to different inquiries.

They also aren’t great at converting leads to customers. And because much of your email from your website is bot-spam. It doesn’t look good to your mail provider that you are constantly emailing spam addresses.

Customer Relationship Management Software

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management software is great for capturing email addresses and telephone numbers and assisting you in turning leads into customers. It keeps track of contacts, provides template sales emails and generally keeps track of your sales performance.

CRM software however can be an added expense for a small business. Especially if you use it infrequently. Plus you have to check your CRM database regularly.

There are also privacy issues and with a large number of businesses using CRM software, it’s tough to make the advantage count.

Hahamarketing Telephone Marketing

4. Telephone

Google recommends you display your telephone contact details prominently on your website. Many customers like to be able to talk on the phone. The personal contact and instant communication is great for closing leads.

The problem with the telephone though, is many prospects aren’t ready yet to enter your sales funnel. They want basic information and for that, they want to communicate over email only.

Many customers fear the hard sell tactics of having a telephone conversation with a business owner and/or salesperson. Especially one that now has their telephone number in their database.

Form2Text WordPress Software from Hahamarketing.com

5. Form2Text WordPress Software

Last but not least is the Form2Text WordPress website software. Not only does it have a Math Captcha Spam filter for stopping all those spam messages. But it also has a privacy mode setting for confidential information.

Gone will be the days of checking email every 30 minutes. Breaking your concentration and workflow. You’ll be able to slash your lead response time and convert more leads into customers from your website.

Form2Text works by sending an SMS to your phone whenever someone submits a contact form on your website.

It’s easy to use, has direct support and comes with bespoke rollout so you can integrate extra functionality and features based on your website lead process. What’s more, the Form2Text WordPress plugin is free to download and install.

Final Thoughts

Whichever solution works best for you. The statistics show that you need to have a method of cutting your lead response to 5 minutes or less. Whether you get most of your traffic from Google organically or you pay for Google/Facebook/LinkedIn ads.

You can save both time and money while eliminating waste by having a process in place to optimize your lead response times.

How Can My Small Irish Business Survive COVID-19?

These are testing times. Bringing heaps of trouble. Here we’ll look at helping your small, Irish business survive COVID. Most have been forced to close their business down or reduce their service capacity. It is still unknown as to when the coronavirus pandemic will subside. The future, at the moment, doesn’t look good for small businesses, that’s for sure.

But, is there a way these companies can save or generate revenue during COVID-19? In this post, we are going to discuss exactly that. We have found five important ways SMEs can use to keep winning despite the coronavirus outbreak.

5 Useful Tips For Small Businesses During COVID-19

There’s a lot that can be done to keep generating revenue for your busine

1. Get Online To Help Your Small, Irish Business Survive COVID.

If you have always been thinking about moving your business online, this is the perfect time to do it. There are a number of compelling reasons why you should not let this moment pass.

First, people’s attention is moving towards the Internet. It’s where they spend a huge percentage of their time. This shift will slowly tilt against the brick and mortar businesses over time. Even after the pandemic is over. The Internet is the future and you should be ready for it. 

Second, the overhead costs of running an online business is far less than that of running a physical store. You have fewer resources to manage and more of your time can be spent on growing your business. 

Third, COVID-19. People are afraid to get out of their houses. They still have access to the Internet. They can use it to get the products and services they want. If your business is not online, your Internet-savvy competitor will win.

There’s nothing much you have to do to move your business online. All you need is a business website with all the important features like product pages, virtual carts, payment integrations, SSL certificates, etc. A website design and development expert can help you with this.

2. Don’t Stop Advertising Online

Have you been advertising online but gave up because of COVID-19? Well, you should rethink your strategy. You have a great opportunity to attract an entirely new user base for your business. Ultimately helping your Irish business survive COVID.

Pressing hard on marketing during the pandemic, making the audience know that you care about them, can go a long way in creating a healthy customer-business relationship. Many companies, like Dominos, are doing it by providing a zero-contact delivery. 

Promoting this very ‘update’ in your services shows that you care. This is the perfect time to market your services and build an audience to reap its reward for years to come. The quarantine will be over one day, for sure. 

Therefore, spending money NOW to attract an audience will help you gain more revenue AFTER the quarantine is over. 

3. Content Creation for Communication

Once you have a website developed, you can add a blog section to it. The purpose of adding a blog on your website is simple. Your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems on the Internet. 

When they search on Google, and your website ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You automatically form a great impression on your potential customers. On top of that, if they click on your link and find your post really helpful, they will be much more likely to do business with you. 

By writing blog posts and optimizing it for search engines using the latest SEO techniques, you can really boost your brand’s online presence. Make sure you hire an expert blog post writer for your website because the content is going to reflect who you are.

Creating blog posts and doing SEO for your website will eventually help you lower your ad spend on paid advertising. Thus, it can really help you save a lot of money during COVID-19.

4. Get Active on Social Media

Did you know that there are almost 3.8 billion people on social media? Well, we are quite certain that your target audience is also on social media. This is the perfect time to attract the attention of your target audience on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

How can you do that? You can do it by creating content. Designing social media posts, videos, and graphics that show how much you care about your followers will definitely help your brand to get closer to them during these tough times. 

You can also go live on these social media channels and express your opinions and announce what you are up to during the quarantine. Doing this will make you look authentic and people will want to do business with you and stay loyal. 

5. Make a Shift in Branding

There has to be a complete shift in your branding strategies for your business. The COVID-19 outbreak has made businesses temporarily change their branding to show that they support the people in their quest to contain the outbreak.

People are always keen on doing business with brands that show solidarity with their followers. Such brands are relatable to the public and thus they attract more business and revenue.

Hiring a branding expert and utilizing this time to create a relatable brand should be your top priority. It will not make you spend much. But will ensure great returns. Also, make sure you couple your branding shift with exceptional content as well.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it. We have mentioned some of the best ways you can save and also generate revenue to help your Irish business survive COVID. These are tough times and we highly recommend making sure that all your employees are safe and healthy.

We wish you all the very best for your future. Since you are here, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter as we bring all the latest updates from the world of online marketing and web development. Thanks.