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Google Ads Budget Wasted by

6th April 2022


Poor page speed? Calculate the Google Ads cost…

In the famous words of David Ogilvy, the Madison Avenue advertising guru... Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half... Our mission is to help you find out which half... Google Ads Saver Tool The Google Ads Saver Tool. Our tool estimates how much you are losing on Google Ads, by having a slow web page. Simple. By improving your page speed to 3 seconds or less, you can save thousands on your ads budget. To use this tool, click on this link, Google Ads Saver Tool. Fixing Page Speed Issues. Back in my web developer days, I often came across websites with page speed/download time issues. Often these are caused by clunky page builders with What You See Is What You Get page editing interfaces ie. Shopify, Wix, Divi etc... The first tool in my toolbox for these kinda problems would be to optimize the lowest hanging fruit ie. large video and image files. After that, there would be Javascript files, HTML, Time To First Byte of the server ie. the server page response time - on self-hosted websites only - since none of these factors can optimize using the aforementioned websites. Google Ads Bounce Rates Why Speed Kills? Although there are tools to examine all these factors on a webpage, we won't go into them here. The key takeaway is simple. Like the TV ads suggest - speed kills. We can all relate to this phenomenon. You click on a website in Google and wait for the website to load. And wait, and wait and wait. If you get tired of waiting, press the back button. You are brought back to Google and you'll probably choose another website link to click. Google records this information and uses this info. in its web ranking algorithm. The more users who click the back button on a website after only a few seconds. The further down the Search Engine Results Page, the website will slide. As a result, the page will lose its Google ranking. Google Ads Logo What About Google Ads, Though? We've shown how Google handles organic (non-paid) websites with slow page speeds. So how does this extend to the Pay Per Click or Google Ads competition? Google handles slow websites in its paid listings in a similar manner to Google's organic listings. This means you will be punished for having a slow website. And by punished, we mean crucified. Google Ads Bounce Rates Google publishes the bounce rates or percentage of users that don't wait for Google Ads to load. Based on the page speed times of websites. It doesn't make for pretty reading, especially if you have a slow website and advertise with Google. But surely Google doesn't charge you when someone clicks on your Google Ads paid link and leaves your website before the page downloads, right? Wrong. Finally So, if you are wondering why your Google Ads campaigns aren't earning you the Return On Investment you'd like. Try our Google Ads Saver Tool. You might be surprised to find that our technical solution can come to your rescue. Happy Hunting!

Rebel City Tour of Cork GUI by Hahamarketing

8th April 2022


Press Release – Rebel City Tour of Cork.

The Rebel City Tour of Cork - featured on the PJ Coogan Show on 96FM. Listen to our 6 min interview here. The Story Behind The Tour. The Rebel City Tour of Cork is a passion project of mine. A marriage of tech. and history; my 2 great loves. The goal of the tour is to bring visitors from all over the world to Cork city. The story started many years ago, when i was graduating college. What began as a clash of wills, between me and my parents. Subsequently turned into a free online tour many, many years later. Enjoy! A Very Cork Upbringing. Me and my brother. When I was growing up in Cork city, I had the same growing pains as any kid. I wanted to play soccer on the green and hand out with my friends every day. Looking back as a 40-something-year-old man. I guess I thought those days would last forever. At school, I was a relatively bright student. When it came time to go to college, I did pretty well in my end-of-school exams or leaving cert. I had my pick of courses and universities. I was always passionate about history. Particularly, in Cork history, I wanted to explore my passion more deeply in a university setting. The College Years. Me and friends in Thailand The problem, of course, was my parents. Like parents in every country - they wanted to see me enter a 'proper' profession. Since my dad was an engineer, they encouraged me to gain some hard skills and enter Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College Cork. Since I wasn't particularly wilful or sure of my career path, I reluctantly agreed to enrol as an engineer and study maths, computer programming and electronics. Inevitably, I was not too fond of every minute of it. Four years later, I graduated - just about. And set off on my career path. Since my chosen profession is the web, I began to appreciate my parent's wisdom. Having a hard skillset, in computers, engineering, programming, etc., is beneficial. After nine years of travelling the world. Including living in South Korea for seven years. I finally settled on a career path. Presenting The Rebel City Tour of Cork. Rebel City Tour of Cork So when I got the opportunity to combine my two passions - history and the web. I jumped at the chance. Hence, the Rebel City Tour of Cork. I'm dedicating the tour to my dad. Who made it all possible. You could say that the Rebel City Tour of Cork is my teenage rebellion phase writ large as a middle-aged adult. I hope you enjoy taking the tour as much as I did in creating it!

Google Ads Health Check

31st March 2022


Google Ads. The Health Check.

Suppose you are reading this as a relative Google Ads newbie. Don't worry; we'll talk you through the simple checks to understand how your website is performing concerning Google Ads and other metrics. While you may have an agency or an in-house team who takes care of your website and Google Ads account, it never hurts to be able to monitor them both yourself from time to time. Our checklist will help you find the essential info. With screenshots and web addresses to check and test your web presence. Google Ads Checklist 1. Total Monthly Google Ads Spend The easiest way to monitor your Google Ads spend is with a multi-channel marketing dashboard visualization. This dashboard will show you, in chart and table format, all your KPIs and essential metrics. However, if you don't have one of these dashboards already configured for your company and don't wish to have one custom commissioned. Then there is another way to get a small subset of that data, ie. the total monthly Google Ads spend for your account. You may need to ask your digital marketer to access the Google Ads interface. Get to your budget report from the "Campaigns" page Sign in to Google Ads.From the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.Hover the cursor over your campaign’s budget in the “Budget” column.Click View budget report, and you’ll be taken to the “Budget report” page. You should see a web page similar to this one below. Monthly Spend on Google Ads 2. Web Page Download Speed Web Page Test for As we can see, when we test the website in the Google Pagespeed Insights web tool. Google tells us that the Largest Contentful Paint time for this page - in other words, the page download speed - is 11.9 seconds on mobile. 3. Return On Ad Spend The easiest way to find your Return on Ad Spend is to use Google Analytics. Assuming you are tracking all the ads conversions correctly. Just go to “Clicks” in the Google Ads report. Return on Ad Spend 4. Multi-Channel Marketing Report Visualization Dashboards A multi-channel marketing dashboard is a web page containing graphs, charts and tables from which you can track your company's KPIs at a glance. A good multi-channel marketing report will track analytics from multiple sources eg. Twitter Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Analytics etc. Helping you understand which channels are successful for your business in real-time, 24/7.