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Where Can I Get Custom Web Tools and Interactive Content Created For A One-Time Fee?

Ever feel like you're blogging into oblivion? The same goes for endless social media posts that don't get the sort of engagement you'd wish for. While Search Engine Optimization is often a high-cost, long-term strategy for many businesses.

Creating a simple tool to boost online conversions on your site ie. sales, visitors, subscribers etc... is both a cost-effective and optimal marketing strategy.

Some web businesses out there offer tools to help with creating Interactive Content. However, these tools are often difficult to use for a development newbie. Also, these sites have high fees and charge monthly. And you still have to install the content on your site.

Expect to pay extra for any upgrades, updates or added features. Our pricing model is not only extremely competitive. But we charge on a one-time basis. After that, the Interactive Content is yours to use for as long as you wish.

Discover how a killer piece of Interactive Content, custom web tool or web app for your website can also establish thought-leadership, boost Google Ranking, increase referrals and help you gain an edge over your competition. So what are you waiting for?

How Long Will It Take To Create My Bespoke Piece Of Interactive Content or Web App?

This will depend on many factors. Not least, the complexity of the Interactive Content or web app itself. However, we aim for a turnaround time of between 14 days and 4 weeks for a relatively simple piece of custom content. We also handle rush orders.

Do You Handle Custom Online Interactive Content, Web Tool Creation AND Installation?

Our services run the gamut, from business strategy - investigating your target market, to the planning of the Interactive Content - creating a user interface, to development of content - in languages such as HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, to cross-device testing - browsers, operating systems, to the monitoring of the Interactive Content or web tools - using analytics software such as Google Analytics. We even handle online tool promotion to get the word out there about your creation.

Do You Provide Support For Your Interactive Content and Web Apps?

Not only do we provide support for all of our Interactive Content and web app creations. But our support has coding experience so they can update the underlying structure of the custom online content on the fly, should issues arise and it's an emergency. Our direct support is available over email.

Why Choose Hahamarketing.com For Bespoke Interactive Content Development and Custom Web Tools?

Trying to create your own online Interactive Content and web tools can get tricky. At the very least you need to be able to update your website. You should also probably have JavaScript programming experience. Then if/when something goes wrong, you might have no one to turn to in an emergency.

Let us handle the headache of developing and making sure your tool is a smashing success. From concept to testing and through to promotion. All for a once-off fee.

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