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The Hahamarketing Google Ads Optimization Outrageous Guarantee!

We will improve your return on your Google Ads budget by an agreed amount. Or we won't charge you!

This means that we could boost your Google Ads ROI by 29% - but if we agreed on 30% beforehand. Then you pay NOTHING!

This is the outrageous guarantee.

We use a proprietary tool we have created to estimate the savings we can achieve for you on your Google Ads bill. We use this figure - which varies from business to business. To formulate an agreed target for your business.

If we don't hit that target. That's right. You pay nothing. No catch.

How Do We Do This?

We optimize your web page for speed, install expert tracking management, update your tech. stack, improve your Quality Score and add a host of other tweaks to boost your Google Ads performance.

Who Are We? is a new Cork City online marketing, design and development small Irish business. We help other companies discover how to be more competitive online.

We've lots of coding experience with Open Source projects, and we've worked with multinationals such as IBM in Cork on web development. Indeed our background is in Engineering, where our founder has a degree from University College Cork.

We stick by one principle - how can we make a positive difference to the businesses we come across? Without pricing our services above what they can pay?

Have We Done This Before?

We have tons of experience coding, designing and marketing websites. Take the example of a health and fitness brand in Cork City. Their site was running slow, losing business to faster competitors. They were also wasting money on their Google Ads budget by having a website with a slow page speed.

We were able to work our magic and get these results within a few days.

  • We improved their homepage download size from 8.5MB down to 4.5 MB.
  • We improved their download speed from 13 down to 7 seconds.
  • We took their image sizes from 68% of total page size to 20% of their total page size.

Why You Need Our Services?

Maybe you aren't getting the return you'd like from Google Ads? A faster page speed means fewer people will bounce from your web page after clicking through from Google Ads. This means you'll get a much better return from your ads budget. Page speed is just one of many factors we look at when improving your Google Ads performance.

What Our Clients Say

See the benefits of optimizing your Google Ads

Among the critical factors in boosting your Google Ads performance are...

  • Enabling compression for your files
  • Minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Reducing redirects
  • Optimizing images and other files
  • Removing 404's
  • Removing render-blocking JavaScript
  • Improving server response time
  • Leveraging browser caching
  • Using A Content Distribution Network

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