How much of your Google Ads budget is wasted? (BETA)

Every extra second your web page takes to download. More customers from Google Ads hit the back button. But Google still charges you for these clicks!

Save on Google Ads monthly by using a cutting-edge website.

How much can I save?

How much do you spend on Google Ads per month?
Time it takes for your web page to download

How Do I Find These Figures?

In order to calculate your monthly Google Ads budget and your web page download speed for your business, simply follow these simple instructions (numbers 1 & 2) on this Google Ads. The Health Checklist. blog post by Google Ads Saver Tool Logo

What Do These Figures Mean?

The figure you receive from the Google Ads Saver Tool after inputting your page speed and your Google Ads budget. Is the figure that you are wasting on your Google Ads budget by having a slow website.

By optimizing your website for speed and other factors, you'll save money on Google Ads. Not only that, but there are lots of other benefits to optimizing your page speed ie. better Google ranking (SEO), better conversion rate from user to customer and many many more reasons.

How Did We Calculate These Figures?

For the Google Ads Saver Tool we used Google released industry benchmark figures to calculate your result.

Figures estimate the amount you are losing in your Google Ads budget compared to your estimated loss rate, if you were to use a Google Ads optimized website.

Yes. We put our money where our mouth is! Ask us about our outrageous guarantee. We stand behind our figures!

Limitations of the Google Ads Saver Tool.

Although the results returned by the Hahamarketing Google Ads Saver Tool use Google industry benchmark figures. At the moment the tool just calculates user drop-off rate, or bounce rate, from mobile phones.

Since most websites have a mixture of mobile and desktop - and some tablet - user visits. This means the figures will be off slightly. We are working to remedy this issue.