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Take the donkey work out of Google Ads.

Are Google Ads getting you down? The hugely effective PPC solution, known as Google Ads, works wonderfully for businesses advertising on Google.

The only downside is that Google Ads is labour-intensive when done correctly. Often, we can create an automated solution instead. This is where Google Ads scripts excells.

What Can Google Ad Scripts Do Exactly?

Google Ad scripts can solve almost any issue with Google Ads. They are highly versatile and, once written - can be scheduled to run at any time efficiently. Ad scripts automate the Google Ads process and can monitor an account, adjust bids automatically, detect keyword blocking, suspend ads, and even adjust your budget.

Let's take some examples?

A company we work with was having issues monitoring its Google Ads accounts. The performance of the Ads was constantly fluctuating. And since this company had many, many accounts. It was time-consuming to monitor each account at the campaign, ad group and ad level.

We spent a few hours creating a script that would process each account and calculate the performance of the campaigns, ad groups and ads. Then output the results to a spreadsheet that could be shared among their PPC team. The company then scheduled this script to run every 24 hours.

The result was a saving of 4 hours of Google Ad work a day for one team member. Which also facilitated an increase in productivity of 12%. Not only this, but the performance of the Google Ads accounts rose by 15%.

How Do You Charge?

We charge a flat rate for our Google Ad scripts. Our once-off Google Ad scripts start at a price of €200 for a basic script. Then an extra €20 an hour for every additional hour, we work on your ad script.

This is a once-off cost. Once you have the ad script created, it's yours to keep forever.

What Else Do You Do?

We don't just do ad scripts. We also configure Google Ads accounts. Setting up every aspect of your Google Ads account. Including everything from optimizing your page speed, to configuring goals and conversions in Google Analytics, to configuring your event tracking management in Google Tag Manager.

We also do visualization work; we build dashboards so you can monitor your marketing channels eg. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and also monitor your SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console in real-time, 24/7.

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