Google Ads. The Health Check.

Google Ads Health Check

Suppose you are reading this as a relative Google Ads newbie. Don’t worry; we’ll talk you through the simple checks to understand how your website is performing concerning Google Ads and other metrics.

While you may have an agency or an in-house team who takes care of your website and Google Ads account, it never hurts to be able to monitor them both yourself from time to time.

Our checklist will help you find the essential info. With screenshots and web addresses to check and test your web presence.

Google Ads Checklist

1. Total Monthly Google Ads Spend

The easiest way to monitor your Google Ads spend is with a multi-channel marketing dashboard visualization. This dashboard will show you, in chart and table format, all your KPIs and essential metrics.

However, if you don’t have one of these dashboards already configured for your company and don’t wish to have one custom commissioned.

Then there is another way to get a small subset of that data, ie. the total monthly Google Ads spend for your account. You may need to ask your digital marketer to access the Google Ads interface.

Get to your budget report from the “Campaigns” page

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Hover the cursor over your campaign’s budget in the “Budget” column.
  4. Click View budget report, and you’ll be taken to the “Budget report” page.

You should see a web page similar to this one below.

Google Ads Budget Page
Monthly Spend on Google Ads

2. Web Page Download Speed

Google Speed Test Web Page Result
Web Page Test for

As we can see, when we test the website in the Google Pagespeed Insights web tool. Google tells us that the Largest Contentful Paint time for this page – in other words, the page download speed – is 11.9 seconds on mobile.

3. Return On Ad Spend

The easiest way to find your Return on Ad Spend is to use Google Analytics.

Assuming you are tracking all the ads conversions correctly. Just go to “Clicks” in the Google Ads report.

Return on Ad Spend in Analytics
Return on Ad Spend

4. Multi-Channel Marketing Report

Google Data Studio Report Examples by
Visualization Dashboards

A multi-channel marketing dashboard is a web page containing graphs, charts and tables from which you can track your company’s KPIs at a glance.

A good multi-channel marketing report will track analytics from multiple sources eg. Twitter Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Analytics etc.

Helping you understand which channels are successful for your business in real-time, 24/7.

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