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Explode Your Business On Google With The Google Marketing Report.

Want to earn more business from Google, but not sure how to go about it? Could you use a bit of help with marketing your business online? Tired of seeing your competitors earn the lion's share of Google search visits?

Get your Google Marketing Plan tailored specifically for your business. We will also create easy-to-understand bullet points from the report. Then we'll go over the report in a 15 min video conference. All you have to do is to contact us to get started.

"The average click-through rate for the first position on a Google search query is 19.30% and the click-through rate for the second position is almost half at 10.57%.

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Who is this Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Report For Exactly?

If you are an Irish SME, looking to earn more business from Google. And you're seriously interested in ranking number 1 in the Google search results for your industry keyword search term. Then this report is the one for you.

Why Should I Choose Hahamarketing.com?

At Hahamarketing.com we've been doing Search Engine Optimization and working on the net in general for over 12 years. In another role, we ran an online recruitment company. That was featured at the top of the search results on Google for its industry keyword search terms for 6 straight years.


If you want to take the first step towards improving your marketing and Google visibility at the same time. Go with the company you can trust. Get in touch with us today and we'll help you get started immediately on your path to sustained growth through Google.

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Key Benefits Of The Google Marketing Report For Your Website.

Here are some of the key benefits of using this Google Marketing Report for your site...

  • Take the next step towards ranking on the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page.
  • Get the facts about your current ranking in Google for your industry keyword search terms.
  • Learn the secrets of your competitor's Google Ads campaigns.
  • Receive a technical audit of your website's health.
  • Get an overview of your position compared to your direct competitors.
  • Receive a 6 step online marketing plan for your business.
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