The Trading Online Voucher Scheme – Everything You Need To Know.

Grants For Small Irish Businesses

Intro To The Trading Online Voucher Scheme

You may not be aware, but the Local Enterprise Office in Ireland is offering a grant of up to €2500 to small businesses to get them trading successfully online. Sound too good to be true? This might just be the shot in the arm that your small business needs to open a lucrative sales channel by trading successfully online.

The voucher scheme can be used for training, design, development and marketing expenses. The scheme will provide a 50% cashback grant on expenses up to €2500.

We provide advice and step-by-step instructions on applying for the scheme below.

“The Trading Online Voucher Scheme is designed to assist small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets.”

Businesses that have availed of this scheme before, are entitled to reapply. Be one of the thousands of Irish businesses already availing of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme. Watch this short Local Enterprise Office online video below for more information.

LEO Advice Video on the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

The scheme offers advice and training as well as cash. The Irish government wants to help more small businesses in Ireland trade online. Since the scheme began over 5,000 small Irish businesses have received funding and over 12,000 have received training.

“40% of Irish SMEs don’t have a website, and 68% of those that do have a website don’t have the facility to process payments online.”

IE Domain Registry

Who is eligible for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme ?

Your business qualifies for this scheme if …

  • Your turnover is less than 2 million euros.
  • You employ no more than 10 persons.
  • You apply to your local Enterprise Ireland office.
  • You have been trading for at least 6 months.
  • You have limited or no e-commerce presence;

If you qualify for the scheme read on, and we’ll explain how to apply and what you should know.

How does this help my business?

“Businesses that participated in the scheme reported that on average they saw their sales increase by 20%, with an 80% jump in sales leads and 3 in 5 exporting for the first time.”

According to the relevant government minister….

“The Trading Online Voucher Scheme provides much-needed support in this regard and I am delighted that at least 3,000 small businesses will avail of it in 2019.”

Irish Government minister Bruton

How Do I Get Advice On The Scheme?

The best advice we can give someone applying for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme. Is to talk to as many people as possible. Also, read everything you can on the scheme. Including our advice on Marketing Your Business Online.

Start your Voucher Scheme journey by reading the Hahamarketing Trading Online Voucher Scheme Tips article created in conjunction with the Local Enterprise Office. Afterwards, you should read the Bank Of Ireland Trading Online Voucher Scheme Tips from Hahamarketing as well.

Do as much research online as possible. Remember that the voucher is available, not just for website development and design. But also for marketing expenses as well.

Developers, designers and marketers you deal with should provide you with a free consultation. Like the free Trading Online Voucher Scheme consultation provided by us at

You will have to pay the costs upfront. Then apply for your cashback grant from LEO through the proper channels.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for your Trading Online Voucher Scheme grant. Simply follow these steps…

  1. Contact your Local Enterprise Office.
  2. Watch the mandatory 90minTrading Online Voucher Scheme webinar.
  3. Obtain your tax clearance cert.
  4. Source 3 separate quotes from 3 separate vendors for the work.
  5. Fill out the application form.

Then simply apply for the Voucher Scheme and wait to hear back.


It’s important to note, Enterprise Ireland is willing to match 50% of the funds required to create your online e-commerce, booking or training/consultation expenses up to a value of 2,500€.

This is a really great deal that your business should take advantage. For more info, check out the Local Enterprise Office, Trading Online Voucher Scheme information page.

Contact us and we’ll help you get started on your own Trading Online Voucher Scheme journey today.

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