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Will the Free Form2Text Plugin Drive Business On My Website?

Have you ever shopped around on the net for a service? Only to have questions before completing the transaction? Or are you contacted by potential customers regularly who shop around for services and will do business with the first responder 78% of the time?

Large companies have dedicated staff to respond to customer's emails and answer their questions promptly. But what if you're a smaller company with less staff?

How can you respond to a customer email contact from your website in 5 minutes or less if you don't have time to monitor your email all day?

the odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes after the lead was submitted.

Lead Response Management Study

Form2Text works with any Wordpress site and is built with small businesses in mind. We challenge you to contact us using the Form2Text contact email form between the hours of 9AM to 7PM GMT please - 7 days a week. And see how long it takes me personally (Dara) to get back to you...

How Is Form2Text Different?

Tired of receiving endless spam messages from your website? Or find picking out traffic lights on the Google spam captcha annoying? Our Math Spam Captcha prevents spam emails sent from your website contact form landing in your email inbox. Especially important if every message is also a text message costing you time and money.

Have privacy concerns? Don't want to send your messages to 3rd party mail servers? Perhaps you work in the financial or medical fields? Our privacy feature strips the message and sender from the text message. Delivering a generic call/email notice to you instead.

Who is the Form2Text Plugin For?

If you're a small business, running a Wordpress website. And you want to compete with larger rivals when it comes to customer response time. Then this is the software solution for you! What's more, it's completely free to download and install. Direct Support Included. Comes with free SMSs. Absolutely No Hidden Costs. You only pay for what you use.

Who Are We And What Do We Do?

Hahamarketing.com is a new, small, Cork City startup that focuses on helping other small businesses maximize their online potential. We're great at solving problems for small businesses because we experience the same problems ourselves. Our passions are business and technology and we utilize all of our skills in helping businesses fuel sustained and consistent growth online.


Win at online marketing and get guaranteed results from your website. What's more, as an exclusive bonus. We'll throw in 25 SMS messages for free when you quote the secret word 'HAHATEXT' when you join (for a limited time only). It's easy to get amazing results. Let us help you learn how to achieve higher lead to customer conversion rates by dramatically cutting your customer response time.

Our Form2Text Price Packages

Form2Text Up To 20 SMSs Per Month.

Totally Free Software. Totally Free SMSs

Installation Instructions.

Cancel anytime.

Privacy Feature and Math Spam Captcha.

Bespoke Rollout Development and Installation Available.


Get Started

Form2Text Up To 250 SMSs per Month

Free Software. 17.99€ Per Month.

Easy To Use

Cancel anytime.

Privacy Feature and Math Spam Captcha

Direct Support Included.

Bespoke Rollout Development and Installation Available.


Get Started

Form2Text More Than 250 SMSs per Month

Free Software.

Contact Us Below.

Cancel anytime.

Privacy Feature and Math Spam Captcha

Direct Support Included.

Bespoke Rollout Development and Installation Available.


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