Free Lead Response Time Test For Your Business. Only Takes 1 Min.

Lead Response Time For Your Business

Whether you are an industry player or you are a small fish juggling many roles. It’s always interesting to find out how long it takes your support staff or sales team to reply to customer leads.

Our Secret Shopper Email Facility will let you send an email lead to your business from our Hahamarketing domain. So it’ll appear as if we are inquiring about your products or services.

Secret shopper email facility

Secret shopper email facility

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Don’t forget to try our Calculated Spreadsheet Speed-to-Lead form to record the difference your lead response time software makes to your business.

Also, find out how much your Lead Response Time is costing your business per lead on average with our Lead Response Cost Estimator Tool.

Create A Tool Of Your Own…

Enjoy using our tools and considering coming up with an online tool for your own business?

Not only are online tools a great way to get noticed online. Attracting visitors to your website. But they are also great at attracting coveted backlinks from other websites to your own. Raising your Google ranking in the process.

We offer a free consultation to help get you started. Talk to us today!

Form2Text Lead Response Time Tool For WordPress Websites…

Looking for easy-to-use lead response time solution for your WordPress site? Look no further than our Hahamarketing Form2Text Plugin software for WordPress. Ask about our bespoke rollout.

Not running WordPress on your website? We can custom coded solution that’ll suit your workflow.

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