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Dara Burke

A note on the author: Dara is an ex-software developer for a FTSE 100 company, and is an award-winning digital marketer. He started his first Web business in 2003 and sold the business 6 years later. A veteran Linux user and contributor to open-source software. He’s been configuring and writing software for 15+ years.

"I’m seriously impressed with the results...this e-book is very simple and digestible.”

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Are you drowning in emails?

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The productivity tiger e-book will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of configuring your Gmail inbox for max. productivity.

Key Benefits of Using Productivity Tiger.

With our simple (20 min) e-book, you'll configure your Gmail inbox so it'll notify you when you need to check your email. No need to compulsively check your inbox.

Only receive important notifications:

Get notified immediately on your devices, when high-priority emails land in your inbox.

No more unwanted emails:

Curate your inbox so that you'll only be notified of emails which definitely need your urgent attention.

Stop using your inbox as your to-do list:

Your inbox is not your to-do list. Move important emails to your list and keep your inbox free for high-priority emails.

Never lose another email:

Use advanced search operators to always find that missing email in your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you help me restore my work/life balance?

Don't just be there. Be present. Your inbox won't be a distraction any longer. Finally, you'll be able to get some work done. And take time off.

Q: Should you search for this info on the Web for free, instead?

Yes, this info might be out there somewhere. But we've gathered everything you need in one simple, 20 min, step-by-step course for a few dollars. We think this deal is great value for money!

Q: But you'd prefer an app?

Unfortunately an app can't choose which of your emails are important and which aren't. The only solution is to manually set your account. We can help!

Plus tons more Gmail inbox productivity hacks...

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Make a real difference to your life today by taming your Gmail inbox for only $2.99. Our e-book only takes 20 mins to read along with while configuring Gmail on your devices.

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