The Secret To Google Ads Success.

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Although, Google Ads is one of the most effective forms of advertising out there. Google Ads does take a good degree of skill and time – if you want to see a return on investment.

What are Google Ads Exactly?

At the heart of Google Ads is the Google machine learning algorithm. This is a software program that matches your Google ads with the users most likely to click on them.

Google has many, many ways of judging whether a user might click on your ad. Eg. say you are a life insurance firm in Dublin. Google records whether users on the web have visited, searched for or even interacted with life insurance ads, websites, Google searches, YouTube videos etc.

What Can You Do To Help Your Ads?

Similar to the majority of machine learning algorithms, the Google Ads machine learning algorithm is greedy for 2 inputs – data and time.

Data comes in the form of how people interact with your Ads and your website in the past, present and even projected into the future. Data includes the number of users triggering business goals (conversions) eg. purchases, contact form submissions, ad clicks etc.

Time on the other hand is how long the machine learning algorithm needs to learn about your business and clients. By filtering the positive users on your site, from the users that don’t convert. Google gradually leans who to send your way.

After all, the more Google Ads drive profit for your business. The more you’ll spend on Google Ads. Which is a win-win for both parties.

How Do You Win At Google Ads?

Let’s take our life insurance company in Dublin again. This insurance company is feeling generous and is bidding €35 per click for keyword search terms such as ‘life insurance Dublin’.

Then let’s take a large multinational insurance company based in Galway, in competition with the smaller Dublin firm.

With a much larger budget, the multinational in Galway only has to bid €40 to rank above the Dublin firm’s bid right?

Well, that’s not how Google Ads works. The secret to a successful Google Ads campaign is all in a factor called Quality Score. And Quality Score is made up of 3 factors.

Click-Thru-Rate: The rate at which users click your ads as opposed to your competitors. Perhaps because you have better copy.

Ad Relevance: Our Dublin life insurance firm has a better chance of appearing for its keyword terms ‘life insurance dublin’ for ‘life insurance’ searchers than the multinational – if the multinational bid for keyword terms like ‘house insurance cork’. The Dublin’s firm’s ads were more relevant.

Landing Page Experience: Let’s say you click on a ‘life insurance Dublin’ Google Ad and, you see a page on home insurance in Clare. You’d immediately click on the back button, right? Google can monitor this back click.

So What Does This Mean For Your Ads Strategy?

Let’s look at this from Google’s point of view. The small Dublin firm is paying €35 per click. The multinational from Galway is paying €40 per click.

Out of 10 sample users who view these firms’ Google ads for ‘life insurance’. 3 click on the Dublin firms ads. While 2 click on the Galway multinational’s ads.

This means that Google has earned €105 or 3 X €35 from the Dublin firm. And only €80 or 2 X €40 from the multinational.

So, who do you think Google is going to rank first in their ads section of the results page for the keyword search term ‘life insurance’? You guessed it. Dublin wins.

Quality Score – The Secret To Google Ads Success!

While bidding more per click can help with your ad rank – or Google Ad position on the results page. At the end of the day. Google will still go with the ad that makes them more money.

By concentrating on the 3 Quality Score factors – especially your Click Thru Rate. You can earn more business at a lower cost than your competitors.

This my friend, is one of the secrets to a successful Google Ads campaign.

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