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Rebel City Tour

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Assassination, mayhem, bomb factories; on the streets of Cork city.

Changing your experience of the city. Forever.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Irish War of Independence against the British empire. We've created the FREE Rebel City tour of Cork. Walkthrough the footsteps of history in the city with our tour.

We have included everything from bomb factories on Grattan street, to shootings on North Gate bridge, to the sensational assassination of the RIC police commissioner by republican volunteers on the South Mall.

You'll never see the streets of Cork city in the same way again. Our tour will entertain, educate and inspire in equal measure.

How can you take the tour?

When you are in Cork city centre. The tour will guide you around the different waypoints using your smartphone - pls allow the GPS pop up on your phone. Takes around 1 hour. No downloads or hefty roaming data charges.

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Key Highlights Of Tour

Robbing the Cork city GPO
Robbing the Post Office.

Irish republican volunteers attempt to rob the Cork city General Post Office (GPO)...

Assassination of Commissioner Smyth
The Assassination of Police Commissioner Smyth.

The assassination of police commissioner Smyth by a group of volunteers on the South Mall, Cork city.

Bomb Factory on Grattan Street Cork city
Bomb Factory on
Grattan Street.

An explosion in a tenement on Grattan Street rocks the city center.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When does the tour take place?
The tour is available to take in Cork city with your smartphone, 24/7.
2) How does the tour work exactly?
If you are in the city centre of Cork. And you allow GPS on your smartphone. The tour will guide you around the waypoints in the city. Takes 1 hour. Bring headphones.
3) So are you day-cent at history or what?
The historical facts of the tour were taken from eminent local historian Kieran McCarthy's website CorkHeritage.ie. Also, we'd like to thank Dara McGrath. For his War of Independence exhibit in the Crawford Art Gallery. Many thanks guys. Any factual errors are purely ours of course.
4) Can you use the tour for your school or group?
Colleges, schools, language schools, community groups are of course free to use the tour. We do provide online tests and assessments so leaders can test their students or groups afterwards. We charge a small fee for this. Contact us above.
5) How do I access bonus waypoints on the tour?
COMING SOON: You can get bonus actions on the tour by sharing this tour page using the social media links above and joining our email newsletter.
6) Finished the tour. Now what?
Finished the tour and looking for things to do in Cork city? Or maybe you'd like to discover Secret Cork City?
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