Why Does Your Writing Suck?

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Does your writing suck? For a number of years, after college. I taught English part-time in South Korea to kids of different ages. Going through the same grammar and writing textbooks day after day. Not only gave me a new-found respect for teachers.

But also drilled some of the rules of writing English into me. Which up to that point were skills that had been sorely lacking.

Reasons To Hone Your Writing Craft.

There are many reasons to tidy up your writing style. Especially if you are a blogger or copywriter. Not only does your writing style get noticed by your visitors. But it can also affect your Google position.

While I don’t pretend to be a professional writer or copywriter. I do write occasionally for Hahamarketing.com. So it’s in my best interests to study the craft. I think you might find this guide useful. Especially if you are a novice writer who blogs or writes on the side.

I’ll keep updating this post with tips as time goes by. So if you have any good tips you’d like to see included. Please don’t hesitate to comment below. Or follow this link for more of my writing tips.

Your Writing Technique Will Effect Your Google Position.

Google knows when you’ve been naughty. Misusing commas, prepositions or parenthesis. And for sites that aim to achieve Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) in Google’s eyes.

Especially for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) websites eg. medical, financial websites. Among the ranking signals will be grammar, sentence construction, spelling mistakes, tone and general writing technique.

What’s more, because Google uses behavioural signals as a ranking factor. The more people who respond to your web copy on the Google results pages (SERPs). The higher your website will climb on the Google rankings.

Many of these tips were researched by myself on Google. Some were taken from grammarcheck.net; I’d recommend you check this website out if you have the time.

Tips To Stop Your Writing From Sucking.

  • Use full stops. Not commas. Commas are used to separate independent clauses and after coordinating conjunctions eg. and, yet, but, so, for, or, nor. Too many commas make a sentence cumbersome to read. Read your sentence out loud. If you need to take a breath. Then it’s too long. Also, use commas instead of parentheses (brackets) if you can.
  • Tell a story. If your writing does suck. Then maybe this is one of the reasons. Brands with a great brand story. Are 20 times as effective in selling as brands without. Whether you are writing for personal enjoyment, business or a bit of both. If you publish to the web. Then you have a brand.
  • Vary your sentence length. Write paragraphs with varying sentence length for best results generally. Like a musician varying the cords played on his/her instrument. Short sentences add pace. Long sentences slow the pace down.
  • Use pronouns sparingly. Let the subject of the sentence do the work. Eg. Tom opened the can. Not. He opened the can. Don’t use it/she/he unless you really have to.
  • Paragraphs. should have no more than 4 sentences in them. Separate your ideas. For each statement or idea. Create a new paragraph. Avoid the wall-of-text effect. Break up your paragraphs. Especially important for mobile copy.
  • Use adverbs sparingly. adverbs are for lazy writers. Show. Don’t Tell. Eg. Tom turned on the computer quickly. Try instead. Tom was so fast, it seemed like the computer turned on by itself.
  • Keep your writing as tight as possible. If you can say it in fewer words. Then do so. Avoid redundancy. Be merciless.
  • Read your work out loud. Catch any stray words or inelegant sentences.
  • Avoid passive voice in your writing. Eg. The code got written on the computer. Try instead. Bill wrote some great code on his computer.
  • Keep sentences short. Sentences should have no more than 15 words in them.
  • Pick a tone for your blog eg. informal, educational, business, fun. Be consistent with your voice.
  • It’s not about writing. It’s all about rewriting. Take some time to edit your article. Leave at least a few hours and return to your article with fresh eyes before releasing it.
  • Ending A Sentence With A Preposition. This isn’t a grammatical error believe it or not. And it’s fine when writing to friends or family. However in a business or formal setting. Avoid. Eg. What did he need the computer for?

Does Your Writing Still Suck?

Lastly, I’d just like to add. The browser extension from grammarly.com is a must-have for any budding writer. It’s chrome compatible and really helps to cut down on those pesky spelling and legibility errors. if you have any personal writing tips that you think I’ve missed. I’d be happy to add them to the list.

Before You Go.

Also, if you are blogging with WordPress. The Yoast.com SEO plugin gives you both an SEO and readability analysis of your writing. On top of other great features. Both of these pieces of software come with free versions that are great.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Thanks for the English writing brush up.

    I too would encourage your readers to check out the links to the sites at the start of the article.

    Also, don’t forget to use Grammarly on your copy before posting 🙂

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